Hello! Our names are Bruce Russ and Laura Scharoun. We are typical 50 somethings that thought we were doing everything right. We went to school, got college degrees and settled into jobs in our respective fields. Laura worked for 28 years as a Cytogeneticist in clinical oncology, performing genetic chromosome analysis. Bruce worked as a professional chef at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel for 25 years. Later in life, he studied to become an Acupuncturist and has been working in his own practice for the past 15 years as an Acupuncturist, Masseuse, and Clinical Nutritionist. We both believed in the myth society feeds us that after working hard in our professions, we would be able to retire comfortably at 65.

We both suffered unexpected trials in our life like most other people. For some, it may be illnesses and heavy medical bills, for others it could be devastating stock market losses. For Laura, it was a contentious and very long divorce that left her in debt even after emptying her 401K of funds. Eventually, she had to sell her house and move out of Southern California to a more affordable location in Reno, Nevada. For Bruce, it was the cost of buying an existing acupuncture practice which eventually led to the short sale of his house and downsizing his life in a multitude of ways.

If we had continued on as we were, life would have gone on being a struggle with retirement always out of reach. However, Laura received a wake-up call when the company she was working for remotely from Reno was bought out. She lost her job and was not able to find a job in her field either remotely or nearby. In a quandary, she started looking for new opportunities. She chanced upon an advertisement for Six Figure Mentors on youtube.com and quickly understood the power of affiliate marketing. Within less than 3 weeks of being out of work, she formed a new company called Quantum 7 Marketing, LLC with Laura and Bruce as co-founders.

We then embarked on our new journey, learning all about affiliate marketing strategies with Six Figure Mentors. Ever since that point, we have not looked back. This has been a life-transforming opportunity in our lives, allowing us to begin living the life of our dreams with both time and financial freedom. Although actively involved in marketing, Bruce still enjoys his practice as an Acupuncturist, since his main passion is in the healing arts. Laura has become adept at the day-to-day running of our affiliate business and provides support to our referrals and all members of the Six Figure Mentor community.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible achieve their ideal life through the opportunities available in affiliate marketing as well as other marketing modalities available in the digital economy. We are here to help others discover their inner entrepreneur, as we have done, and break out of the life society has dictated as the “right way”: working in a professional career with only one stream of income. We are here to help others create the freedom financially to live the life of their dreams through establishing multiple streams of income.